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Posted: 8 months ago
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OSCR crashed and refuses to let me in

I was on Firefox using OSCR and the page crashed. When I hit refresh I was required to reenter my credentials. Upon logging in I got an error message that reads "The current session is blocked, as the maximum number of active sessions for the current operator has been reached."

Along with this error message I am given a "node" that is comprised of 33 letters/numbers and seems to be randomized. I attempted clearing my browser history and cookies, I restarted my computer, and I attempted logging on in Chrome and Internet Explorer. I am given this same error message every time. The only thing I can think of is this is an issue on the other end, because nothing I do seems to help. Is there something I can do to log back onto OSCR? Or do I just have to wait until the system refreshes on the other end?

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