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Out-of-place with single migration upgrade


Currently I am conducting upgrade Pega Platfrom from 7.4 to 8.2.1 following the upgrade guide (…). I am trying "out-of-place upgrade with single migration (page 31 - 37)" but I am finding the guide a bit hard to follow.

Currently I have "rules" and "data" schema in my working 7.4 environment. Additionally I have created a "newrules" schema in the same database for migration.


#1. In "Migrating the rules schema with one database" section (page 33), what should I enter for source schema and target schema?

#2. In "Upgrade methods for the migrated rules schema" section (page 34), what should I enter for Rules schema and Data schema in IUA (I am not taking command line upgrade approach)?

#3. In "Upgrading the data schema" section (page 37), what should I enter for rules schema and data schema for file? Why should we do upgrade twice by different tools and what is the exact difference between #3 and #2?

I made my best guess but it ended up with "newrules" schema being 314 tables which is too much for ootb tables (rules tables are 210 in 7.4, and 239 in 8.2.1) and I guess I made a mistake on what to set for schema. Please advise.


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