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Overhaul of Flow Error Management needed

We need a better way of way of dealing with flow errors. An error in production costs time to troubleshoot & resolve, and we want this to be automated better.

These have been issues for many years & versions, and we need some guidance on when they will be addressed.

For each flow error, here's what we'd like:

  1. Can the error occurence (or the detection thereof - with flow ) be fully logged? e.g., the function markProblemAssignment() marks the problem, but does not log. There are useful things to be pulled from the Clipboard at this time.
  2. Can the error be displayed in a notification dashboard visible to admin. These have long been buried on the Word Admin menu (under Process & Rules > Tools).
  3. Can the error message to the user follow a standard, useful format, e.g., Standard for User Error Messages?
  4. Additionally for these error types:
    1. Assignment mismatch - the mismatch is buried on the Clipboard. We should display to the user where the work is pointing to; where the assignment is pointing to - and potentially allow the application (or the user) to decide which should take precedence.
    2. Flow Not At Task - Let's have a button to fix it. If we follow good design, and have each status should correspond to a unique task step (not that anything validates that), we could restart the flow and restore to that point.
    3. Lock Lost - If it's a soft lock, tell the user that the log had expired (this should never happen with Continued support for Extending Locks?); if someone else made an update since the form was updated, provide that details.

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