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PageList Copy Using DataTransform - Append and Map to

I am trying to do a PageList copy - similar to a PageCopy in an Activity - using DataTransforms.

My clipboard is below

My requirement is to copy over (all data in) BudgetYear to BudgetYear2 and I am using Append and Map to using current source page as shown in the DT below

The Data Transform is creating BudgetYear(2) but is NOT copying over the Equipment, Personnel, Travel etc. Pagelists (i.e. the data) from BudgetYear(1).

Can someone please explain HOW I can copy over Pagelist BudgetYear(1) to BudgetYear(2) completely i.e make BudgetYear(2) a replica of BudgetYear(1) and

what the difference is between

1. 'Append to' and 'Append and Map to'

2. 'current source page' and 'for each page in'.

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