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PageList inside Pagelist - Looping and Retrieving Values

I have a Pagelist BudgetYear which has other Pagelists FringeBenefits and Personnel.

I need to loop over all Personnel Pagelists and in each of the Personnel pagelist, I need to copy a property over to my FringeBenefit Pagelist.

What i am doing is counting all of my budget years as follows and then for each of those budget years, I am trying to loop through my Personnel and set the property.

I am getting two errors ciz.

My Param.Count in 1.1 (set to @String.toInt(param.pyForEachCount) is blank in my tracer when I execute Step 1 and

I am unable to set the property due to the fact that I am unable to get a handle on the Personnel Pagelist due to my syntax errors.

Can you please SHOW me how to set the properties using (CURRENT) and/or (<APPEND>) while looping through the Personnel Pagelist.

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