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Isabella Newton (IsabellaN)
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Posted: August 8, 2016
Last activity: August 17, 2016

Pages & Classes naming conventions for including data from other classes in a section

I am trying to display information from a data page in a section, but the data page is in a different class than my section's class (data page in Data-ServiceProducts, section in Work). I created a page list property called ProductsAvailable in my Work class that copies the data from the data page, then I dragged that property into my section to create boxes that display the data. I added a Pages & Classes reference to the section which references the Data class (Page name: .ProductsAvailable, Class: Data-ServiceProducts). The boxes that should display the data each have a .ProductsAvailable.Name or .ProductsAvailable.Type in the property box (name and type are properties within the page list) with read-only so that they display data. However, when I preview the section, all it shows is null. 

I have seen conflicting Page Name options online so I think I am confused about what the page name in the Pages & Classes tab is actually referencing. Is it referencing a specific section within the specified class? Is it giving a nickname to the specified class? I think this naming problem is the source of my error but I am open to any suggestions/tips.

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