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Valli Srilakshmi Devalla (ValliDevalla)
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Posted: September 10, 2019
Last activity: September 20, 2020

Paid Media Manager - Facebook Ad post in Pega V8.1.3

Hi All,

We are trying to build a POC where we want to leverage the Pega Paid Media Manager functionality for posting ad’s on Facebook. We are using Pega 8.1.3 version. Below are few questions I came across when learning about pega paid media manager and I really appreciate all the help.

1)If we use the Paid Media option available in Pega, will we be able to directly post ad’s on customer’s Facebook account or do we have to perform some other actions?

(I also learned that we need to a create a Facebook developer’s account id and app token which we should be input when setting up the paid media channel)

2)If it is not directly possible through paid media manager, is there any other pega inbuilt feature or other third party integrations that can be done? If so, is there is document where we can find more info about this?

3)Is there a document available for learning step-by-step implementation of the paid media manager in pega 8?

I am new to Pega 8 & paid media manager functionality so trying to find leads/understand the limitations and challenges that I should be looking forward to.

Thanks for all the help!!

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