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Posted: March 19, 2019
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Parallel Integrations


I am currently facing the following problem: there is a PageList (called Products()) in my case and I need to use JMS-Connection to a remote system for every item in this PageList so that each item was a context for the request.

The problem is that there is a significant delay between making a request and getting a response from the system, that mostly involves transfering a message instead of an actual processing.

For example, I use JMS-Connect for Product(1), then wait for a response, then use JMS-Conntect for Product(2), then wait for a response again and so on.

I need to be able to send requests via JMS-Connect for all items in PageList at once and then get the responses for each one of them. Being able to have a parallel JMS Integration with the same requestor while I am still waiting for a response for a previous integration would drastically decrease the processing time.

Is there any way to implement this?

I tried to create subcases for every different item in PageList to get different threads but integrations still seem to operate in succession rather than in a parallel way. I also tried to check the RunInParallel box near Connect-JMS function but it did not help. It seems like the checkbox is supposed to parallel it with the main process (and then unite it again with Connect-Wait) instead of paralleling it with other integrations.

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