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Parameterize Sections in Flow Actions

 I have a Review and Approve flow where a user can use different types of UI for the Same Case. For example :- A Home insurance Flow has HomeInsSec as the UI and a Motor insurance Flow has MotorInsSec for an applicant to submit an Insurance Case. Once the insurance case has been submitted, a reviewer needs to work on the submitted case. On the connector I have a Flow Action for the the Reviewer but the OOTB Pega Flow Action can use only a single section as shown below. How can I accommodate HomeInsSec and MotorInsSec?

Flow Action Screen Shot 

How can I parameterize my  ReviewSubmittedInsuranceClaim Section so that the Reviewer sees the MotorInsSec for a Motor Claim and HomeInsSec for a Home Insurance claim?

How can my Flow Action accommodate different types of sections?



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