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Chakri Payyavula (ChakriP8)

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Posted: December 17, 2017
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Parameterizing rules for reuse - Exercise Question - True Parameterization

In the Senior System Architect course and in the Senior_System_Architect_Exercise_Guide Parameterizing rules for reuse (Pg 23), the exercise asks to

1. Add a parameter to the GetHRPlansList report definition to filter results by the type of insurance plan. Here, the 'Type' parameter is used to determine the
type of healthcare benefit on three UI forms.

2. Update the D_HRPlanList data page to pass a parameter value to the GetHRPlansList report definition

3. But in the different sections that are used to display these values (viz. SelectMedicalCoverage_0, SelectDentalCoverage_0 and SelectVisionCoverage_0, we actually type the VALUES for the parameters as (in the Type field) as "Medical", "Vision" and "Dental".

I believe this is not TRUE parameterization (in the sections) since you are actually typing the VALUES here but the Datapage and Report Definition are truly parameterized since they accept parameters and not hard coded text values. Am I wrong?

Is there any other way to PASS the ("Medical", "Vision" and "Dental") values as parameters in the sections vs actually typing in the string values?

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