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Parameters passed through Java script to an activity is getting truncated


We are trying to create new work using OOTB java script function pega.desktop.createNewWork(strClassName, harnessVersion, strFlowName, flowParams,contentID, dynamicContainerID,actionRequestID, skipConflictCheck);. In the flowParams we are passing few parameters which starts and ends with spaces. Those spaces are getting truncated, by the time it reach to flow specified.

Ex:-flowParams=&Callvariable= AB C ( it has 5 spaces,AB and then 4 spaces and alphabet C)

1.We have verified in tracer, in the 'Interaction Begin' we are seeing those spaces as encoded values like %20 ( CallVariable=%20%20%20%20%20AB%20%20%20%20C

2. By the time it reaches doUIAction OOTB activity, we are seeing these parameters as truncated.(Call Variable=AB C)

Please advise if there is a way we can pass variables without getting truncated at server side.

We are using Pega 7.1.7, CPM 7.1.3

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