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Posted: October 18, 2017
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Parse Delimited rule reading only first row

Hi All,

My requirement is reading data from A table convert it into CSV file put it on service export directory and read from that file and insert into B table in 6.2SP2v.

For this i created a activity which reads from that A table using pxRetrieveReportData and placed in ServiceExport directory using pxConvertResultsToCSV, and now to read data from directory and insert into B table i have created ServicePackage, FileService, Delimited rule, and activity to insert data into another table and a file listener to monitor that ServiceExport directory.

I tried in 7.3v everything working fine.

But its not working in6.2SP2V only first record is inserting, when i run service by giving file content not file it is inserting all the rows and one thing i used parseCSVHeader in parse segments because i don't want to insert header in B table.

Problem is with parse delimited rule.

I am attaching the screenshots of 6.2SP2v

Help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

Data Integration
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