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Posted: March 11, 2020
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Parse XML Rule not working in Connect-REST if "&" in response


Please find below details about the issue.

  • Facing Exception while Applying Parse XML due to special character (“&”).  
  • Using a Parse XML rule  in Connect-REST service POST method to parse an XML.
  • In the XML if any of the value tag contains a Special character ("&"), The Parse XML is failing with this Error: Caught Exception Parsing XML Stream.
  • The root cause of this problem is '&' is not a valid XML character.

·       Attempted Solutions:

  •  PDN recommends using DSS  json/escapeSpecialCharacters) which we tried and it didn’t work. There is a HFix-23862 associated with this that was given for version 7.1.x so ideally it should work for our version which is 7.4 but it’s not working.
  • And also verified PRSYSMGMT for the JVM setting "file.encoding" - it is set to UTF-8.
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