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Posted: March 9, 2017
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Partial Functionality Upgrade Possibility


One of our Client has an application built on Care Management Framework (Pega 6). We have a module in our application that is built for a specific group of Client users which is accessed through IAC from their application This group of users do not directly access with Pega UI.

Now new requirement is, the group of users accessing the application though IAC want to use latest UI features. Rest of the application users do not want the upgraded application at this point. My question is, do we have any approach that is best suited here.

There were couple of options that we were thinking:

1. Upgrade complete application to Tolerance mode, fix all the issues required to make the application to run in tolerance mode, fix only the UI components for the module that is being accessed through IAC to Compliance Level 1. Please let us know if this is a feasible option, also any complications that you think might arise with this approach. On top f my head I can think there will be issues with all the rules that are being reused in the application which might cause us to maintain two copies of the rules.

2. Maintain 2 versions of applications in production, fix everything needed by this module to compliance Level 1 in the upgraded Pega 7 environment - if client agrees with all the cons of doing this, like maintaining two code bases at the same time, having two different databases that hold the work objects in production.

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