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Passing the value of a variable from custom control to the clipboard

Good day!
I'm using Pega 7.3.1. My goal is to create input with autocomplite and later on, splitting the address line (city, street, house, etc.). I created custom control and it works as I need. But now, I can not pass the value of variables (city, street, house, etc.) to my clipboard. I use the following method:

var City;
City =;
<% tools.findPage ("pyWorkPage"). getProperty ("City"). setValue ("ThisMustBeVariable"); %>

But it conveys a value that I myself will enter. I tried:

.setValue (". City");
.setValue (.City);
.setValue (;

In general, I do not know. I read the forum and learned that the transfer from js to pega is done through activity and data transform. But I do not know how to do it.
Thanks to all who read and leave the advice.
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