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Nisarg Kothari (NisargK7)
Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley
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Morgan Stanley
Posted: March 14, 2017
Last activity: April 7, 2017

PDF Styling Issues when run via agent


I am having issues with pdf styling for Work items.

Using Pega OOTB activities HTMLTOPDF and ATTACHTOWORK to attach a pdf to the work item.

If I run the activity via Declare Trigger, the styles are correctly applied.

If I use Queue-For-Agent, no styles are applied to the pdf.

If I run the activity from designer studio, the pdf is generated with grey background.

Environment : Pega 7.1.9

Already tried below work around but it does not work for me.

The below link says this issue was fixed in 7.1.6 , but I am still facing this issue in 7.1.9

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