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Peer Review Scenario - Same user should not get his assignment for review once he hits GetNextWork

Hi All

I have a requirement where let's say there are 3 users, X, Y and Z and all three are part of same team. All three are mapped to two workbaskets A and B. In the process flow when the assignment reaches A workbasket, any user can hit Getnextwork and get the assignment to work on. Let's say for example, X has picked up the work and worked on it. Once he submits, it goes to B workbasket. Again X hits Getnextwork. But the challenge is, he should not be able to get his work for review. It should be available to Y and Z when they hit GetNextWork. Only challenge is X,Y and Z are part of same team having same roles and having access to both the workbaskets.

Any thoughts on how to approach or design this requirement other than Customizing GetNextWork Activity. If that is also an option what is the preferred approach.

A response is highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


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