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Pega 6.2 - Re-platforming RHEL5 to 6/7

We have a large Pega 6.2 implementation, consisting of 58 JVMs hosted on 2 clusters of 16 Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5) physical servers (7 servers in each cluster).

RHEL5 moves from full support to extended support in April 2017.

We are therefore planning on re-platforming the RHEL 5 servers to RHEL 6/RHEL 7, which will also involve updating the versions of WAS and MQ to the lowest version supported by the target platform:

WAS v8.5.5

MQ v8.0

The new platform will be implemented on 16 virtual servers rather than 16 physical servers.

This project will not change any of the Pega applications hosted on this platform, will not change the number of JVMs or change the number of operators that use the applications.

Can anyone confirm the following:

Are there any implications of this re-platforming exercise on the Pega 6.2 licensing model. i.e. Are the Pega licenses we currently hold still "valid" by replacing the existing 16 physical servers with virtual servers running the new O/S version (the new platform will implement that same number of JVMs as the current platform).

Is Pega 6.2 compatible with the versions of WAS and MQ mentioned above?

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