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Posted: September 7, 2017
Last activity: April 6, 2018

Pega 7 Upgrade approach


We are in a process to upgrade our application from 6.3 SP1 to 7.3.

Our current application running on IBM Websphere and DB2 database.

We want to change the infrastructure as well during the upgrade. Moving to JBoss and Oracle.

We had one approach for this but not sure we are going in a right path.

#1 Copy the Entire database from DB2 to Oracle using data mover. - We have a separate CoE team to copy the data.

#2 Install 6.3 SP1ear file into JBoss application server (without creating DB schema and Pega tables ) and the point the copied Oracle DB at #1 to this server. - Is it achievable? If yes, please provide the approach.

#3 Make sure application working fine on new infrastructure.

#4 Run the Pega 7 upgrade. - What are all the pre requisites for this? Do we need to keep 7.3 related scripts/files in server? I could see that we need to run some scripts. How do we get these?

It would be great if anyone can provide the best way to achieve this upgrade. Please feel free to suggest any changes to this approach.



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