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Pega 7 Upgrade cleanup Automation

In the split schema upgrade process,  coming from one old 6.x pega schema converting to 7.x pega_data and pega_rules, there is a manual cleanup step to identify unused tables that are residual in the PEGA_DATA schema from the old originating system.   These tables could vary depending on what pega version one is upgrading from.  Pega provides a manual step to remove these.   The problem is, I am currently helping with 17 upgrades in process, more on the way, and would like a general script to solve most of this cleanup by our script conversion team.  I anticipate we will still want to check manually for any misses, and improve this list.

This is the script we have derived by one of our upgrading teams.  Can we get confirmation that there is no issue removing these from PEGA_DATA schema for our script conversion team?   All of these should be unused in the PEGA_DATA schema correct?...

droptable pega_data.pr_index_circumstance_def;

droptable pega_data.pr_index_css;

droptable pega_data.pr_index_customfields;

droptable pega_data.pr_index_reference;

droptable pega_data.pr_index_trackstatus;

droptable pega_data.pr_index_warnings;

droptable pega_data.pr_link_usecase;

droptable pega_data.pr_sys_app_ruleset_index;

droptable pega_data.pr_sys_cache_dep;

droptable pega_data.pr_sys_cache_entry;

droptable pega_data.pr_sys_cache_impl;

droptable pega_data.pr_sys_class_ancestors;

droptable pega_data.pr_sys_decchg;

droptable pega_data.pr_sys_ruleset_index;

droptable pega_data.pr4_base;

droptable pega_data.pr4_fieldvalue;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_autotest;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_file;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_flow;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_property;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_ruleset;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_shortcut;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_sysgen;

droptable pega_data.pr4_rule_vw;

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