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Posted: April 3, 2017
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[PEGA 7.1.6] Determine Current Requestor Count, Heap Memory Used, and CPU Without DB Transaction


I have been researching how to get the current Requestor Count, Heap Memory Used (%), and CPU (%) for the current time.

pr_perf_stats seems the appropriate place to gather some, if not all, of this information. However, there are two drawbacks to this approach. First, this DB Table serves as a recent historical reference, rather than a current-point-in-time reference for these statistics. There will be a lot of unnecessary data to search through. Second, gathering these statistics requires a call to the DB, which we would like to avoid. I believe all of these statistics can be pulled from the application, server, and OS, without the overhead of a DB call.

I need assistance in determining where or how to gather these three key metrics without a DB call. I know Requestor Count and Memory are supplied in SMA. I am just unable to determine how they are pulled through Java. For CPU, I am a bit more uncertain where to gather the source statistic from. I know you can execute command line from Java, but am unfamiliar with the exact code to get CPU.

I appreciate your assistance with this!

- Fran

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