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Philips Home Monitoring
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Philips Home Monitoring
Posted: November 19, 2015
Last activity: December 9, 2015

In pega 7.1.7 how do I set my log off preference to be like Pega 6

For example:   In pega 6 I had it set to  save sate of Open List and Open Rules only (not explorer tab or full state of desktop)

Matter of fact how do I set or see any of the other preferences?    My D_pxGetPreference data page is only showing me what I can see Pega 7.1.7 operator preferences screen.   I read you could set preferences either with :

  • xSetPreference — Call this activity to set one preference at a time.
  • pxSetPreferencePage — Call this activity to set multiple preferences at once, based on the Page, Page Group, or Page List parameter you specify.

How ever I don't know any of the preference names to pass the activity or how to work with activities to do it.

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