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Pega 7.1.9 picks up browser settings for date format rather than default locale settings

In our application we have defined a specific locale format through the option : Pega -> User Interface -> Localization Tools -> Locale Settings

But even after setting the locale to desired format, pega picks up the date format from the browser settings. If the locale setting is different from browser setting, then browser setting precedes. Is this the expected behaviour?

Is there any way we could stop the date format change from occurring? or Is this a product issue?


We have set our pega locale settings to en_AU.

But some users have their browser setting as en_US in (Google Chrome browser).

This conflict in locale settings causes the validations to fail when logged in from a browser which has en_US format.

If we have sections defined with DateTime control, then the Date time control in the editable format displays in en_US format rather than en_AU.

When user selects the date in their system, the date comes up as MM/dd/yyyy rather than dd/MM/yyyy.

Why pega is not picking up from the locale settings defined in the product? Why does it pick the browser settings?

Is there a way to overcome this issue?



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