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Posted: November 24, 2020
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Posted: 24 Nov 2020 13:35 EST
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Pega 7.2 Data Migration from MS SQL DB to Pega cloud 8.5 Postgres DB

We  are planning to update current application in Pega 7.x to latest 8.5 version. current application is hosted on tomcat and MS SQL Database. Post upgrade we wanted to migrate and host applications to pega cloud. where the application would be hosted on tomcat and Postgres SQL. 


After going through the articles on PDN on Cloud migration. here is our understanding, 

1. Create a new intance with PEGA 8.5

2. Run DB scripts to create applciation specific changes on Pega Database. 

3. Migrate the application RAP from current pega 7.x 

4. Address all migration issues and make the application running. 

5. migrate sample work cases by creating Data RAP using Work Product wizard from Current application i.e. pega 7.x . 

6. import Work Product RAP. 

7. Validate , test and fix any issue. 

8. Migrate the Application to PEGA Cloud environment. 

9. For Pega Data From current 7.x application. Pega Cloud team will help in migrating the data from current MSSQL DB to Pega Cloud Postgres SQL DB. 


1. is the above approach good, and

2. is my understanding on Pega Data movement by Pega Cloud team is correct, ( i.e. step 9 ) or is it that as part of the upgrade activity, application team has update the PEGA data as well to 8.5 and move/migrate the data to Postgres SQL using data migration tools, before reaching out to pega cloud team for move the code to cloud environment.









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