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Posted: June 29, 2016
Last activity: June 23, 2017

Pega 7.2 - Filepath control on a Flow Action doesn't save the file details in pxRequestor page

OOTB filepath control doesn't save the file name in the pxRequestor page, when used as a local action

Steps followed:

Create a link in a section.

Define an onclick event on the link which would refer to a local action.

Refer the flow action with a section that has the OOTB filepath control.

Define a onchange event with "Refresh this Section" action on the filepath control.

Execute the flow and observe that the details of the file uploaded are not saved in the pxRequestor page.

Scenario 1:

If the section with filepath control is included in the primary section without a flow action.

The file is getting saved in the pxRequestor page.

But all other sections referred in this primary section becomes read-only when the any one of the other sections triggers "Refresh This Section" action.

this seems to be a limitation of the filepath control as described in

Because of the above issue we tried the below:

Scenario 2:

Defined a local action with the same section which has the OOTB FilePath control.

Invoke the local action via a hyperlink from the primary section.

When a file is browsed through the filepath control, the details of the files are not getting saved in the pxRequestor pager or in the "hiddenFilePath" variable as defined in the Filepath control.

Anyone else have faced this issue?

How do we save the browsed file details and contents when the Filepath control is invoked from a section via a  Flow action?

Please shower some thoughts.

Many thanks.



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