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Pega 7.2 - UI Issue after upgrade from Pega 7.1.9

The below issue is specific to Google Chrome browser and our users are using Google Chrome as their default browser to access pega applications.

Our application was built on Pega 7.1.9 and we have been upgraded to pega 7.2 a month ago.

Once we have upgraded the environment, we tested all the UI screens and couldn't see any issues.The test was successful.

But after two weeks of upgrade, we started facing issues with UI in user portal in Dev environment.

The user portal is launched with no styles picked up from Skin and the entire UI was broken. The links were not working, no borders or colors.

While debugging we found that in 7.2 the latest version of UI Kit is UI-Kit-7:06-01.

Our applications were pointing to UI-Kit-7:02-01. Hence, we removed the older version of UI Kit and added the latest version of UI Kit in the Application Rulesets.

This has solved the issue and the UIs are back to normal. All seemed to have worked as expected.

But now, we are again facing the same problem with UI. The user portal is broken again , no styles from skin is reflected, the UI looks like a plain HTML screen.

But If we access the same application in Internet Explorer, the screens are rendered properly.

We just tried by reverting the UI kit version to the older version which is UI-Kit-7:02-01 from the latest and the screen is rendering properly again with older version itself. But if we point  the application back to new UI-Kit its broken.

Have anyone else faced similar issue?

Can anyone give us some pointers on why this kind of UI Issue is happening?

Is there a cache in the server that holds UI related details and somehow the cache  is cleared? Although I doubt it, as the issue is browser specific.

We could not see any failures in tracer, no errors in logs as well.



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