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Michael Greenwood (M_Greenwood@Saltech)

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Posted: December 8, 2017
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Pega 7.2.0 Steps to Configure Elastic Search

I am trying to understand how to configure the elastic search for an end user portal. The aim is to allow a full text search and then to display this in a grid on the UI much in the way the rules search works in the developer studio.

The steps I have followed so far are...

1. Enabled the dynamic system setting indexing/useDataInstances

2. Created an instance of Data-CustomProperties-Search specifying some embedded properties.These are to be shown in the search results.

3. Created a report definition in the framework class of the work items I am searching for. This is configured to report on descendant classes. The columns defined in the report definition include some of the properties in the instance of Data-CustomProperties-Search that I created.

4. Create an activity to call pxRetrieveSearchData passing into that the search string and the report definition class and name.

5. I have reindexed the work index via the search landing page.

6. I have checked that FTSIncrementalIndexer is running.

The search is not working so what am I missing? I can see the activtiy running and if a basic search string is entered such as "a" then it brings back some results, however if some data is entered that I know exists on a case then nothing is returned.

The assumptions I had in terms of operation of the elastic search were:

1. All the data in the work item is stored in the index.

2. The report definition is to specifiy how the results should be returned.

3. The intances of Data-CustomProperties-Search are to allow those properties to be referenced in the report definition and included in the results of the search of the index.

4. I have rebuilt the Data- and Work- indexes however I assume that for embedded page properties in a work class then the Work- index is sufficient for this.

5. Instances of Data-CustomProperties-Search will be inherited. So I can define these in the Framework layer class and it is not needed to create the same in the implementaton classes.

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