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Pega 7.2.1 Auto complete control using field values as list source results in unexpected error message.

Pega version: 7.2.1

When using a property configured with list source field value als list source for autocomplete it seams as if the ‘to’ value of the field value is used to store instead of the ‘translate from’ value.
As result a validation errormessage is shown indicating the field value does not exist.

Steps taken;

  1. Create field values to use as source. (See step1a.jpg and Step1b.jpg)
  2. Configure a property to have field values as table type (See Step 2.jpg)
  3. Configure the autocomplete on a section to use source defined on property. (see step 3.jpg)
  4. Select one of the values listed. (See Step 4a.jpg and Step 4b.jpg)

The error message shows that the field value does not exist. "The Field Value with key values(s) <key value> does not exist"

I would not have expected the "to" value of the selected field value to be part of the key used in validation but expected the 'translate from' value instead.

Is this behaviour of the auto complete control considered to be correct? Any suggestions on how to resolve this isue or work around?

Thanks in advance!

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