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saravanan kvkandasamy (saravanank1808)
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Citigroup technology inc
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Posted: December 14, 2017
Last activity: December 27, 2017

Pega 7.2.2 fresh installation via upgrade Assistant(IUA)

We are doing a fresh installation of pega 7.2.2 from app servers by running the IUA upgrade assistant, as soon as we invoke command java -jar PRPC_Setup.jar as per pega upgrade guide. We are not getting the GUI interface as given the document, all we could see from the pega-install.log file is as below.. Nothing moves after that and moreover in the command prompt we see as below

ENV Details


-Java: 1.7

Command prompt output:

Pega 7 Platform 7.2.2


Pega-install.log file

Logger initialized
Ant basedir:/logarch/Pega/RUSA/RSM/dev1/Pega722/pegaGuiInstallerTemp0
Filter: org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.exe.LoadConfigFilter
Config loaded
Filter: org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.exe.CreateUIFilter
Setting look and
Created UI classes
Filter: org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.exe.PropertyLoaderFilter
Checking for predefined properties
Loading pre-defined properties from file /logarch/Pega/RUSA/RSM/dev1/Pega722/
No predefined properties
Filter: org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.exe.ExecuteRunnerFilter

System Administration Installation and Deployment
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