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Luis Fernando Orellana (Luis Fernando)
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Posted: March 20, 2019
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Pega 7.3.1 - Split-For-each not splitting on page

Greetings PDN :)

I have a question about the usage of Split-For-Each in the following scenario:

  • I have the following pagelist: pyWorkPage.PageList. Which has class "FW-Test"
  • Each of the elements of the page list, pyWorkPage.PageList(1) an on, has the class "Data-Test"

Now with this in mind, I have a flow in the class "FW-Test" called "Flow1". In the Split-For-Each shape, I'm forced to call another flow that is from the same class than my PageList, so I call a 2nd flow "Flow2" which will send an email to each of the users in that PageList.

The problem is that when I run this flow, I get the message in the tracer "Not splitting on page PyWorkPage.PageList(1) because it has class Data-Test which is not equal to or deriving from FW-Test".

Is there any work around for this type of issue? Or I can only do a Split-For-Each on PageLists which have elements from the same class?


- Luis Orellana

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