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Pega 7.4 External database Synonym Class mappping


I have a requirement to connect to external database synonym. In the Database Table Class Mapping, the synonym is not listed under Table name (I infer Pega is filtering only the Table Object names). If I type the synonym name I get "Error encountered investigating table: Database-NonexistentTable".

If I directly create a Class with all the required Properties of the database synonym and Create a Database Table, then I am able to access the synonym but the actual Primary keys(of the synonyms actual table) are not recognized. If the Class do not have any key then Test Connectivity has no issues in connecting to the table. But If I set the Class key (similar to primary key columns) then Test Connectivity throws Primary Key mismatch error.

It would be of great help if anyone share your experience of connecting to synonym from pega prpc. I cannot connect to the actual table because the table belong to external system and it cannot be accessed directly as table.

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