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Adithya Kurmachalam (Adithya1)
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Posted: March 16, 2020
Last activity: March 18, 2020

Pega 8 Survey DWA


I've a simple requirement to use Pega survey framework and DWA combined so that I'll initiate the survey cases for external users through activity(external users list available in a data type and will loop and send the surveys to each individual).

The survey form will have fields that doesn't require multiple server calls to load as DWA works with static form and only one server submit is allowed.

Steps followed:

1. Survey(Configure>>Case Management>>Survey) and questions in it are created.

2. Created activity and loop on each user(available in data table) to created survey case.

3. I don't want to maintain operator for each user and would like to use DWA, however, since creating survey case is creating screen flow(pyAdministerSurvey) and I'm not able to use routing as external. 

4. Facing issue in using DWA as there is no control over screen flow creation when creating survey.


1. Is it feasible to use DWA with Pega survey in Pega 8(as Pega survey is creating screen flow and adding each question group in it is added as a shape in screen flow)?

2. Is it possibile to use external routing(DWA) for screen flow that have only one assignment?

I'm asking this question, since my requirement is only to display single form with submit button but I don't see a way to configure it with Pega Survey in Pega 8.

3. Is it possible to make Pega survey not create screen flow so that I can use DWA (since my requirement is just to send a short and simple survey and doesn't require multiple server calls)?

4. Should I go for simple case with DWA assignment instead of using Pega survey?

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