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Posted: February 16, 2020
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Pega 8.1 Can't Connect To Pega AES 7.3

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem related PegaAES. I have one cluster with 2 server pega 8.1, I want to monitoring this 2 server using pega AES. But when i try to signup pega 8.1 to AES, the node won't increase.

Before I update configuration, I test connection first and it succesfull.

Here is the log that i think it error message and I attached full log that related pegaAES.  

2020-02-14 22:03:59,146 [7822900bc25a.event-5] [  STANDARD] [                    ] [                    ] (ernal.basic.SystemSettingsImpl) ERROR   - Could not initialize/update PDC Appenders
2020-02-14 22:04:02,302 [7822900bc25a.event-5] [  STANDARD] [                    ] [                    ] (ernal.basic.SystemSettingsImpl) INFO    - Initialized/Updated PDC Appenders succesfully with update of DSS setting PRCONFIG/PDCCONFIG/ALTSOAPURL/DEFAULT

Any suggestion related this issue ?

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