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Andre Augusto Cesta (AndreAugustoC)
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A Dutch Bank
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Posted: January 7, 2019
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On Pega 8.1 what is the recommended way to respond to batch outbound campaigns if I wish to respond via webservices?

Hi All,

On Pega 8.1 - What is the recommended way to respond to batch outbound campaigns if I wish to respond via webservices only? The use case is that of a call centre agent making an outbound telesales call and then clicking a button with accepted or a button with rejected. Behind this button there is a webservice call sending a positive or negative campaign response to Pega.

In a project in Italy with Pega professional services and Pega 7.1 we used the POR (process offer response) web service interface to send asynchronous web service calls containing payloads with accepts or rejects to outbound offers. But I think the POR may be deprecated in Pega 8.1. Not sure. I could not find it anyway.

I have also done decisioning where the offer response is sent via a data flow started with a streaming data set that takes rest calls with responses (accepts, rejects). This is not a decisioning project. It is a Pega marketing project. But yes, if you say that creating a data flow and calling it is the right way to process responses I will do so. I just want to use the product (Pega marketing) as it is intended.

One more thing. Real time containers for our campaigns could be created, but they look like they are 100% intended for inbound use and their interface is defined as such (asking you to start the offer flows or not when responses arive). In our case we are totally outbound batch and we always start offer flows and always send batch files to the call centre. So real time containers and their capture response are not the way I would say.

Regards, Andre' Cesta

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