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Pega 822 data page parameter issue


Application updated from pega721 to pega 822.

When datapage passing parameter is not available in the clipboard, pega 822 takes property name as parameter value.

Example: D_GetList, have two parameters Name and id.

Parameters as refereed from page test.

D_GetList[Name: "test.Name",id: ""]

In the issue scenario, page test have only Name property (assume it has value john), id property is not available.

datapage takes param values in below format, but pega 721 is worked fine.

D_GetList[Name: "john",id: ""] ----- Pega V822

D_GetList[Name: "john"] ----- Pega V721 , id property is not available so it takes only name.

Anybody faced this issue or do we have any hotfix?

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