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Rasit Elbek (RasitE75)
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Allianz Technology SE
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Allianz Technology SE
Posted: May 28, 2020
Last activity: June 2, 2020

Pega 8.3 Admin Login corrupt



we installed a fresh Pega 8.3 on an "empty" Oracle DB by using the installation Wizard. 

Here we have to provide a temp Admin password as you know, which I did. After trying to log in for the first time a message popped up to change the password, which I did. Then I was logged in and checked the operator and changed the password again and noted it down. 

One day later I´m trying to log in, it doesn´t work, neither with my initial pw, nor with the new updated pw. 

I read inside Pega community and used prpcUtils, which I did the following way:

Create an Operator record (on another Pega installation 7.1.9) with PRPC:Administrator access group, export it via Product rule / Zip file. Then I imported that product via prpcUtils, which was a success, the new operator record is also visible on our 8.3 Oracle DB (pr_operators table). 

Now when I´m trying to log in with the new operator credentials the message pops up: "Your account has been disabled, contact your system administrator". 

What else can I do ? How come the pw update doesn´t work properly although I did everything according to the installation guide / via Designer Studio ? 

I assume my intermediate pw is now the needed password for my Administrator Operator, but I haven´t noted that one down since I changed it after I was logged in initially as I mentioned.

Appreciate your help in advance.





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