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Posted: June 16, 2021
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Posted: 16 Jun 2021 12:21 EDT
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PEGA 8.3.x pzMultiFilePath control seeing issues uploading files more than 2MB in EDGE browser after win10 upgrade

We are in PEGA 8.3.x, users not able to upload documents greater than 2MB, very recently after the windows 10 upgrade with EDGE browser started noticing the issues. Here the below scenario's

1. We don't have any restriction set on file size limit for upload

2. We tested by setting (DSS: prconfig/initialization/maximumfileuploadsizemb/default is set to 20MB and pyMaxDragDropAttachSizeMB is set to 20MB as well for testing --> confirmed file size not an issue )

3. Uploading files of any size works fine with PRServlet

4. Uploading files fails only with SSO (kerberos auth) that also fails only for files greater than 2MB

5. Uploading files with SSO (kerberos auth) 2MB or less works fine.

6. When we change the EDGE in compat mode (IE mode) with SSO any size file upload works.

7. We are using pzMultiPath control OOTB

8. More discoveries during troubleshooting uncovered that all attachment flow actions fails to upload more than 2MB files

9. Tested with AttachAFile (FA), AddMultipleAttachments (FA) and AddAttachments (FA) all fails to upload more than 2MB files.

Any one seen similar issues and behaviours please share your thoughts on your resolution.


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