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Posted: January 7, 2021
Last activity: 2 weeks ago

Pega 8.5 Auto-balancing issues

I have configured Pega platform 8.5 with latest Robot manager version that supports Auto-Balancing.

I have done following configurations:

WG1 (Auto-Balancing Enabled) : WQ1 (4 Assignments), 1 Robot

WG2 (Auto-Balancing Enabled) : WQ2 (1 Assignments), 1 Robot

SLA for each assignment: 40 minutes.

Auto-Balancing Evaluation Interval: 15 minutes.


I started both the bots manually at the same time, in both the workgroups. So my understanding is in every 15 mins Auto-balancing engine should be checking, if for any assignments SLA is getting breached.

After first 40 minutes, Robot in WG2 will be available. So it should be moved to WG1 to help with another bot already available in WG1 to complete remaining 3 assignments.


But the robot is not getting moved to WG1 even once it is available in WG2. Please help me if I am missing some configurations ?


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Pega Platform 8.5.1 Robotic Process Automation