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Matthias Martin (MatthiasM0463)
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Posted: May 25, 2020
Last activity: May 25, 2020

Pega AES 8.3 Platform Support

We have a large on premise Pega AES 7.3 installation based on Oracle WebLogic and an Oracle Database. We are monitoring 13 Pega production and acceptance clusters with more than 120 Pega nodes. To improve the performance we have partitioned the two large AES tables PEGAAM_ALERT and PEGAAM_EXCEPTION by cluster two years ago. The performance with this setup is not overwhelming but it is acceptable.

The current restriction of Pega AES 8.3 to a single platform combination (Tomcat 8 + PostgreSQL 11) unfortunately makes AES 8.3 unusable for us. Offering an "enhanced" AES version for PostgreSQL 11 only (with the daily partitioning scheme used in the PDC setup) would be okay for us. However, not supporting any other platform combination is really disappointing.

Does Pega have any plans to offer and support an AES 8.x version without the PostgreSQL 11 specific partitioning enhancements that at least supports Oracle as a database platform in the (near) future?

Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3