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Kartik Mangalampalli (KartikM0042)
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Posted: April 14, 2020
Last activity: April 22, 2020

PEGA API action

How do we need to perform any action via PEGA API. I tried Adding NOTES with below JSON but it failed to apply any update. Calling FlowAction: SetClaimNote, In Post Processing --> we are calling notewrapper activity  which basically sets the pyNote property to some ""

I tried passing in here but it fails to update

PUT /assignments/{ID}/actions/{acitonID}/refresh

{ "content":   { "pyNote": "Testingapi" } }

Could someone please tell me how to perform the above note action?? 

Here is the snapshot of action id json

"field": { "validationMessages": "", "visible": true, "labelReserveSpace": true, "readOnly": false, "control": { "modes": [ { "modeType": "editable", "controlFormat": "Standard", "textAlign": "Left", "tooltip": "", "maxChars": "", "formatType": "text", "specifySize": "auto", "obfuscated": false, "minChars": "" }, { "modeType": "readOnly", "tooltip": "", "showReadOnlyValidation": "false", "formatType": "none" } ], "actionSets": [], "type": "pxTextArea" }, "label": "Note", "type": "Text", "required": false, "reference": "pyNote", "labelFormat": "Standard", "disabled": false, "testID": "t88989894", "value": "", "maxLength": 0, "expectedLength": "", "fieldID": "pyNote" }

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