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A Pega Application without Work object


Is it good to have a Pega Application that isn't leveraging the Case Management/ Work object concept in Pega.
Our application primarily has huge amount of data and reporting involved -with limited processes.
There are various data objects and complex relationships between these. The reporting is going to be intensive. Considering these factors in mind, the current implementation is to have only data tables.
We need to answer the following questions:
Are we going to maintain the huge amount of data in BLOB as well as data tables- if we go for a WO approach?
Work classes would bring additional columns and rules that might be redundant.
What if processes come in future. How can we then change our no-WO-model in future to incorporate a workobject?
Are their some key Pega OOTB advantages that we might seriously be compromising on if we follow the no-WO approach?
What are the tradeoffs?

Thanks much!

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