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Mohan Maremanda (Mohan2M7)
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Posted: June 2, 2020
Last activity: November 24, 2020

Pega Archival

Our requirement

1. Archive cases resolved complete/cancelled before x number of months to be archived.

2. operations/business needs archived data in app reports, preferably something like by include archive cases check box

3. operations/business needs flexibility to search for archived case and view key information at any point in time. 

4. operations/business should be able to retrieve the archive cases anytime as part of any new investigation, reopen the archived case is needed and continue working on it. 

Explored solutions:

1. Explored OOTB solution where it archives in a zip and we need to load back in main schema to retrieve. However, our problem statement is to seamlessly retrieve which is NOT in this case.

2.Explored second solution by keeping a new schema in DB, and a DB connection to new schema. Created new work class like Work-Archive inheriting from Work- class to retrieve the object using same UI. But, in run time pega is trying to open cases from Work- and hence seamless retrieval is not happening.


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