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Pega Business Architect Essentials course - next exam?

I finished the BAE 8 course with the goal to move towards taking the certification. However, I don't believe I would be able to pass the certification with what was learned throughout the course. The course I believe is practical and good to get a feel for the product. I was looking for study resources but to specifically prepare for testing but it doesn't seem like there are many.

You have one exam prep for version 7.2. After finishing the recommended BAE 8 course I thought I would be prepared to pass the exam prep. It was completely different than expected and I only correctly answered about half of the questions.

What other resources are available for exam prep to pass the certification test? You have a pretty strict rule for taking certifications only 3 attempts per year, and you have to pay each time. I don't believe you're trying make money via multiple attempts at certifications. However, with what is available in the academy (Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places) I don't think it's possible to pass the test. On the certification path page for BAE8 course certificate path it shows; take the essentials course > take the exam. There has to be some exam prep in between.

Should I be able to pass the test only by taking the course?

If not what other resources are available? (then page in the path link above should be updated to include those additional resources).

I see options for courses but $3000k for 2 days seems excessive. My goal isn't just to pass the test but to understand more, so it seems strange there aren't more (and updated) practice exams and resources to assist. There are other technologies available so I don't have to do this, and it's beginning to seem less worth it to invest anymore time in searching for learning. If the next step is to give $175 to take a test while feeling all the information wasn't provided, then I don't see a way forward.

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