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Agnieszka Ciesla (AgnieszkaC)
B. Braun
Agnieszka Ciesla
B. Braun
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B. Braun
Posted: May 31, 2019
Last activity: August 29, 2019

Pega Chatbot good practice


I would like to know more details about building Pega Web Chatbot and Facebook Chatbot.

1. What rules should I use for analyzing text? Of course I know that text analyzer, but how to make this chatbot smart? Can I use for this Data Set, Data flows etc., or they should be used only for analyzing posts on Facebook, Twitter... . If I can use it, how I should build this and what are good practices for this?

2. When I want to run the case from chatbot what is a good practise of doing that, I should create new one case type, only for chatbot, or I should add Facebook or Web Chatbot channel to stages in my existing cases(have separate parallel process which is run based on "IsWebchat" condition)?

3. Finally, I should create separate case for all chatbot conversation or it's not necessary?

Thanks in advance,


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