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Pega Cloud: Export data to CSV using a report definition to get info from different tables and store the file in SFTP folder


This is a Pega Cloud environment, and the requirement is to export in a csv file data from different tables and store it in a server folder that is syncronized with SFTP folder.

I believe that  I need to create a Report definition to get the data from the different tables (using association classes to join them) .

To export the data into a csv file I've read different approaches, maybe the best is to copy pxConvertResultsToCSV activity and customize it. 

But all the questions were related to UI, and this has to be a batch thing that stores the generated csv file into a folder in the server that is syncrhonized with SFTP folder.

I'd like to know if there's any way in activity's step 5 of using the path that I need to write into the server folder.

Can anyone give me a little advice on this? Is there any better approach to implement this?

Thanks in advace

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