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Posted: August 29, 2016
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Pega customize a client report

Hi Pega community members

I am having difficulties on customize a client report. The requirement is Report must have Report Headers and the each headers can also be sorted. The initial display will be the Summary lines. Each summary line can be extendable to next level details when 'Click or select or tick-box' on the summary line is selected (No preference mentioned). The structure of the report is looks like below


Initial Summary Report

    CraftID                    MID                  Exp Arvl Date          Exp Dpt Date        Port         (Sortable on each report headers)   

1.  Cnnnnnn                  Mnnnnnnn          YYYY-MM-DD          YYYY-MM-DD        YYYY      (Select able and expandable from Summary line).



50 Cnnnnnn                  Mnnnnnnn          YYYY-MM-DD          YYYY-MM-DD        YYYY


/* Expanded data report from summary record 1 via 'Click or Select or Tick-box) -  (No Sorting required on this level)

1.  Cnnnnnn                  Mnnnnnnn          YYYY-MM-DD          YYYY-MM-DD        YYYY


    CraftID          CraftType    MID            CurrentPort    CurrentPortDate    NextPort    NextPortDate      Other header.......

    Cnnnnnn      YYYY          Maaaaaa    QQQ              YYYY-MM-DD    ZZZ              YYYY-MM-DD



    Cnnnnnn      YYYY          Mzzzzzz    QQQ              YYYY-MM-DD    ZZZ              YYYY-MM-DD


    /* Expanded data report from 2nd level summary record via 'Click or Select or Tick-box) - Details data displayed

          CraftID: Cnnnnnnn    Craft Type: XXXXXXXXXXX    Craft Name:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

          Craft Gross Weight: 9999999 nt  ............. (other details)


          Movement ID: Maaaaaa    Arvl Date: YYYY-MM-DD    Arvl Port: QQQ

          Est. Crew:    9999 .....



          Blah blah other details


I have searched around in PEGA PDN and other Pega sites and not able to find information I need. Can anybody help please......


Thank you!


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