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Posted: June 5, 2017
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PEGA DECISIONING CONSULTANT - marketing segment section?


In the summary for this course, there is a huge section on the Pega marketing aspect of the application that I did not see any lessons for, did I miss this unconsciously or is the summary wrong for the course?

Summary notes the following:

  • List the key components in Pega Marketing and their functionalities.
  • Configure a multi-channel campaign, run it and monitor its progress.
  • Explain the concepts of segmentation and its role in a marketing campaign.
  • Create and run a Segment.
  • Design an offer for an outbound email campaign.
  • Test the offer flow by sending a test message.
  • Create, configure and run an outbound campaign.
  • Define and monitor campaign goals.
  • Design an offer that handles customer communication on multiple-channels.
  • Design an offer flow that spans both inbound and outbound channels.
  • Design and test a strategy for a multi-channel marketing campaign.
  • Use contact policy to limit the number of marketing communications to customers.
  • Configure and use Volume Constraints to limit the offer volumes in a marketing campaign.
  • Explain the number of offers processed in a marketing campaign when multiple channel and offer constraints are used in combination with both minimum and maximum limits.

· Assess how many customers will be targeted by the campaign.

· Execute a distribution test to find out how many customers qualify for which Offers and on which channel.

· Test a campaign end-to-end using a seed list.

  • Understand marketing campaign lifecycle.
  • Build, run and monitor a marketing campaign.
  • Define goals for a marketing campaign.
  • Explain the key features of Next-Best-Action Advisor.
  • Handle a customer request in the Next-Best-Action Advisor portal.
  • Explain how the Next-Best-Action decision strategy arbitrates across business issue.
  • Change the priority of a business issue to achieve the desired business outcome.
  • Describe the key principles of the Next-Best-Action decision strategy: ‘Separation of Concerns’ and ‘Self-Encapsulation’.
  • Explain how the sales offers are assessed and prioritized in the Next-Best-Action Advisor.
  • Add new offers to be offered in the Next-Best-Action Advisor.
  • Ensure that new offers are processed by the Next Best Offer strategy.
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