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RUSHABH SHAH (rushabhs8471)
BCBS, Newark, New Jersey

BCBS, Newark, New Jersey
rushabhs8471 Member since 2018 4 posts
BCBS, Newark, New Jersey
Posted: August 23, 2018
Last activity: August 25, 2018

Pega Exposing property from Data-Admin-Operator- Abstract Class


I opened my operator-ID and it is admin@BCBS. Now I wrote my name as Rushabh inside First Name and property name is .pyFirstName. Now I can see updated value of .pyFirstName in clipboard inside System Pages>Operator-ID(Data-Admin-Operator-ID) as Rushabh. Now I check mapped table as pr_operators in DB. But I didn't see .pyFirstName as column inside select * from pr_operators. So, I know that I need to expose .pyFirstName in DB to create that column with values. But when I am trying to expose .pyFirstName which resides in Data-Admin-Operator- Abstract class, it doesn't allow me to expose. The data is storing somewhere in table. I also waited for 1 hour to update.

What is the method to see .pyFirstName as Rushabh inside pr_operators table?

Here is screenshot.

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