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Kiran Kumar Sangaraju (KiranKumarS3582)
Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia
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Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia
Posted: November 6, 2018
Last activity: November 18, 2018

Pega integration with End to End Transactions Monitoring Tool

Customer is requesting to Use a custom tool built in house which is similar to Dynatrace, Nastel, AppDynamics etc.... Tool requires to run java script in the application server to collect the data or it requires to get the required data from services like REST/JMS/TCP/JMX.

We went thru some of the posts and looks like Pega may not support installing customer software like java agents or programs for monitoring purpose on legacy cloud and new Cloud 2.x. Does Pega support some push or pull mechanisms or protocols like REST/JMS/TCP/JMX through which we can get following information: 1. Business process instance data (such as no. of processes deployed and their instances status and details ) 2. System metrics 3. System logs 4. Process logs?

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Data Integration
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