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Pega Issue with newly added column in DB. Values are not getting migrated to higher environments even after adding the instances in product and saving the class again

Our application was built in Pega 5 and later upgraded to Pega 7.1

Hi we have an existing db table(which is linked with a Data class in apllication) with around 33 rows in Dev environment and higher environments(SIT, UAT). Last week we added a new column in Dev environment through alter query in db. We created an equivalent property of the column name in Data class in our application. To link the column with Data class property I opened the class and clicked save.

When I was updating the new column values for all rows I updated using update all query directly in db instead of updating through dummy activity(which we usually do). Since the db update for new column values were not getting reflected in the blob I did a OBJ-Open for all rows through a temp activity and saved them again using OBJ-save. The new column values were then reflecting in the blob.

Then we executed the alter query in higher environments. And we tried to move the new column values to higher environments by adding the pzinskey (of the class and the rows) to the product and moving the ruleset to higher environment. But the new column values are not getting reflected in higher environment db. It is worth to note that we added four more rows along with the existing 33 rows and those rows were moved to higher environments. But even for those rows the new column values are still empty but the other rows are getting filled.

It is important to note that when I created the new column in dev environment the alter query had default clause for the column which will automatically set the values to false. But later we thought this will not reflect in BLOB and hence we removed the default clause when executing the query in higher environments.

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